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Why become an Xtreme Active Centre?

In our view, in order to maintain and improve the way people perceive exercise, something needed to be done to interrupt the same mundane activities that are available to local communities all over the world. We know that people like having fun, we also know that people will go out of their way to have fun. How about if we could place fun activities within the hubs of physical activity across the world in an attempt to lure new footfall through these organisations, thus giving these people and the facility a chance to connect in the hope that they can be converted to live a healthier lifestyle. With this very simple concept Xtreme Active was born. If you are a business, organisation or facility that feel you can benefit from our licence, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please download the information sheets below, which will give you a small snippet of what you can expect from a Xtreme Active licence.

Tailored strategy to get the UK active in your region.
Nationwide deals with Groupon to increase footfall at your centre!
Make use of Mark Wrights digital strategy to get the Uk active
Giant inflatable pitches are available to hire from our Licensee shop.
Want something different at your center? a giant foot-darts board!
Hire our Archery stand!

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