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Goggle Football

A game designed by the Xtreme Group – Xtreme Goggle Football is a wacky take on a variety of English traditional sports, chosen by the participant. That may sound a little tame in principle, however, add the Xtreme Active visual impairment goggles and you have an activity that will keep you laughing from start to finish!

Hosted by a fully trained and accredited Xtreme Active coordinator who will take you through an hours’ worth of different games designed to test every aspect of your skill set.  The Xtreme coordinator will keep you on the move for the full duration of your activity. 

This activity is perfect for team building or a special occasion and is suitable for children aged 12 and over (parental consent required).

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Perfect for adult entertainment as well as kids.

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Warm up with some straight forward running races. easy huh?
In and out of the cones is not as easy as it seems!
Then the real fun begins when we introduce the football!

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