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Xtreme Dodgeball

There is dodgeball, and then there is Xtreme Dodgeball!

A fantastic version of the old American pastime, with the emphasis on maximum participation for the full duration, keeping people moving for the full session. We have designed and implemented several fun small sided games that fit perfectly within the allotted time of this activity.

Enjoy Xtreme Dodgeball for any occasion, as our fully trained coordinator runs you through your paces and keeps you on the move.  Perfect for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Team building
  • Corporate days
  • Fitness classes
  • After school clubs

To book your Xtreme Dodgeball activity, please visit the location page or click on "book now".

Great game for maximum participation with a mixed gender group.

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The mad rush to the middle.
perfect for mixed groups.

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Maximum participation at all times in our unique dodgeball games.

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